DJ P-Nut

Rob “DJ P-NUT” Covotta has just under 2 decades of experience as a DJ. He learned his craft from his father who was also a musician and DJ and has passed on the torch. His love for all genres of music, especially dance, club, house, and hip-hop music combined with the 21st Century DJ technology, give him the capability to mix, cut, and mash up music. His #1 goal is to get the entire crowd on the dance floor and make sure they have a memorable experience of his performance. Rob quotes, “My secret is to keep the crowd thinking, make them wonder what I will play next to keep them moving. I want people to feel the beat and make it make them move. I don’t want to be the radio DJ that only plays songs people know. I want my audience to be surprised. As a DJ, I must also be a listener and learner. I like to study the music, not just hear it and play it back through my speakers. I must understand why this song was made and how it can catch the attention of my audience and keep them happy.”

Past Residencies

Kaminski’s, Cherry Hill, NJ
Lazy Lanigans, Washington Twp, NJ
La Campagnola, Medford, NJ
Roosevelt Pub, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA
Brewsters Bar and Grill, Maple Shade, NJ


My Featured Events



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